Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Webquest Assignment

So I have finally completed my webquest assignment using Quest Garden. It took a whole lot more work than I thought it would. I assumed that because the template was already created that plugging in the information would be quite simple. I found this quickly to not be the case - plugging in the necessary information was quite time consuming and difficult for me. Knowing exactly what was too much and what was too little; when to include graphics and when not to; how to relay information for elementary school students, etc. The process became a bit overwhelming at times, but I just had to work on other assignments and come back to it.

Now that I am finished with it and I am looking at the finished product, I am quite happy with it. It turned out the way I expected it to, it looks aesthetically appealing and is written to speak to 3-5 grade students. I believe that the webquest will do a lot of good in helping those same students become comfortable with cultural differences and be able to put there thoughts into respectable words for future discussions on the topic. I hope that the assignment is well received.


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