Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Classes for me have been very busy! I have spent a great deal of time creating a Webquest and locating tools that will not make them look so boring. I ended up using Quest Garden which was very user friendly, but there was some technical difficulties with the site quite a bit. It became very important that you work ahead of time if you are faced with a deadline because the site is continuously experiencing difficulties.
After getting started on the Webquest I decided to teach to elementary school learners which was very different for me. The projects that I usually create are for college students, so that was new to me. I found myself having to return to various sections and simplify the wording in order for a elementary school student to be able to understand it.
In the end I think that it will be very successful and encourage students to become culturally competent. Students will be able to understand why each person looks differently and even speaks differently. It will help them understand and appreciate each other uniqueness.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Webquest Assignment

I have been considering topics for my webquest and have decided on the topic of "requesting transcripts". As I have mentioned I work full time in the Registrar's office on campus and deal with students, employees, alumni, etc. The question that has been asked over and over and over has been "How do I request my transcripts?" I have come to the conclusion that either no one likes to read or the Registrar's homepage is not thorough enough.

It amazes me how many times a day I receive that very same question and I have to give the information out over and over. I figured by creating a thorough step-by-step webquest would decrease the number of times I have to repeat myself, at least than I could direct them to the Webquest. My audience is one that I know well and the Webquest would work because it allows one to update information quickly, link multiple pages, create user and instructor manuals and easily accessible.

I am hoping that the Webquest will allow me to regain my sanity. Otherwise I will just record myself recitng the instructions and just play that every time someone ask me "How do I request my transcripts?"

To be continued...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week # 1

Good afternoon,

this is the first week of classes and I just getting back into the swing of things. I have the read the introductions of my fellow classmates and the group is quite diverse. I look forward to completing this course, working with others and learning so much! Our first assignment is a Web Quest - I have created these before, but I will definitely need to brush up on my skills.

I am excited to have the opportunity to take classes that will aide me in future endeavors and teach me to help/train others in the technology field. I also hope to be able to transition my learned skills back into the field of education - one day...

I look forward to all that the course entails...