Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling Overwhelmed

It is the start of yet another week as the semester has flown by! We are now wrapping up assignments, discussions and such. As usual at the end of the semester approaches I automatically become swamped. I have yet to finish a instructional website, create a course management structure shell, finish a portfolio and contribute to the class wiki. As you can tell I have bombarded with work, however I really enjoy them! I think that is what really makes it worth the work, the fact that you can work on something for hours without realizing that you have done so. Seeing the finishing product is so worth the hours as well.

Once I get these assignments done there will be quite a load taken off my shoulders. I am completely engaged in finishing up my semester with a bang! These are my last classes and all the hard work and time will pay off when I graduate. So until than I will stay focused and work hard!

Until next time....

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