Thursday, July 9, 2009

We are in Week # 4!

The summer and this course has passed me right by! We are in the fourth week of the course already! I am amazed and excited how quickly time has flown. I have learned quite a bit in this course in a short amount of time. I have gained experience creating a WebQuest, a website, getting to know Moodle (from the instructor perspective) and creating a presence for myself in a online community.

This course has afforded me with knowledge and skills that I can and will carry into my professional career. I have become knowledgeable of new technologies from my classmates that I did not know existed. I am grateful for the diversity of our class - teachers, non teachers, trainers, etc this has allowed us all to present different ideas or suggestions on the discussion board. I think that is quite beneficial for ALL students. I will take a great deal away from this class and I am glad I chose to take this course.


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